A Virtual Tour of Boston

Hi there!

As you know, I have been studying in Boston for three years now and I’ve grown to love this city. I wish you could be here, but a virtual tour of the city will do for now. These are some of my personal favorite things about Boston, so please take a look and I hope that you can be here soon!


The Boston Skyline!
The Boston Skyline! (Natasha Nunez)

Welcome to Boston! This is the city’s beautiful skyline and the Charles River, by which many universities, such as Harvard, Boston University, and MIT, are located. Fun fact: swimming was just allowed in the river on July 2013 – after almost 50 years!

Now…to begin with the tour…

North End
The North End (www.mammamaria.com)

After seeing Boston’s skyline, it almost seems like this picture could be from anywhere but Boston. Well, this is actually one of the first parts of the city that you’ll see once you leave the airport! The North End is the city’s oldest residential community and is filled with life and delicious Italian food! The buildings here look antique because Boston was established in the early 1600s. Due to its old age, Boston is actually home to many of the oldest attractions in the United States. For example…

Boston Common (Natasha Nunez)

The oldest public park in the U.S., Boston Common! This is one of the most relaxing and beautiful parks I have ever been in. The park is vast and centric, surrounded by movie theaters and restaurants on every side. During spring, summer, or fall, you can enjoy a boat ride on the pond or a walk in the botanical garden, and in the winter, you can go ice-skating!

Tremont St. Subway
Tremont St. Subway (blog.jumpshell.com)

The oldest subway in the U.S.! All Bostonians have a love-hate relationship with the subway (and trolley at times), or “T,” as we call it here. The great thing about the T is that all trains and lines are color-coded by colors such as green, blue, red, and orange, so navigating the system is a piece of cake!

Fenway Park
Fenway Park (www.usatoday.com)

…and the oldest original Major League Baseball Stadium still used! Let me warn you, though, Bostonians are very passionate about sports! Don’t even think about walking into Fenway Park with a Yankees hat! Some of Boston’s popular sports team are the Red Sox (baseball), the Bruins (hockey), the Celtics (basketball) and the Patriots (American football).


Boston University, Harvard, Brandeis, MIT, and Northeastern
Boston University, Harvard, Brandeis, MIT, and Northeastern

As I mentioned before, Boston is home to Boston University, MIT, and Harvard. In total, there are over 50 universities in this city, making it America’s “college town.” According to Northeastern University, there is a diverse student population of over 300,000 – because of this, this city is known as the Athens of America, all around the world.


Going off of Boston’s population, the culture in this city is incredibly diverse! Not only will you notice this by the people you see walking around and the languages you hear on the street, but also in the different types of restaurants, celebrations, and events that you can find all around the city. Such as…

New York City Holds Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade
St. Patrick’s Day Parade (www.bkmag.com)
irish pub bos
Irish Pub in Boston (www.pitchengine.com)

The Irish culture in Boston is huge, since most of the immigration population in the 1840s in the city was Irish. Irish pubs are found in many neighborhoods around Boston and the St. Patrick’s Day parade is not one to miss on April 17th!


Shabu Shabu in Boston’s Chinatown (Natasha Nunez)
chinese new year
Boston’s Chinatown on Chinese New Year (www.boston-discovery-guide.com)

Boston’s centric Chinatown is a part of the city where you can really immerse yourself in the Chinese culture (as well as other asian cultures). The Chinese New Year is celebrated here and it’s such an important event that, if you go, you’ll find people from many other cultures who’ve come just to see the parade. Don’t forget about the food, though! You can find some delicious food in Chinatown for very affordable prices.


Dominican Food in Boston (Natasha Nunez)
Dominican Parade in Boston (www.bostoneventsinsider.com)

Ah, and of course, I couldn’t forget about my own culture! You know that I’m from Dominican Republic, and when I first came to Boston I was worried that I might not find anyone else who shared the same background. Luckily, in a short time, I learned that I could find an authentic Dominican (and even Puerto Rican, Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian, or Argentinian) restaurant less than 30 minutes away from me!


I hope that you get to visit Boston sometime soon, knowing that you’ll get to learn so much about Boston’s culture, but also be able to connect with yours when you miss home. There’s so much to do here, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this small glimpse of Boston! There is so much more to see and do, so I hope that you can visit me very soon!