Disneyland Paris…

Disney! The Happiest Place on Earth, right?!

Well…not everywhere I guess.

Disneyland Paris and I have a love/hate relationship. I mean, what’s not to love about Disneyland? The characters, the magic, the music, the adrenaline-filled rides, the attractions that remind you of your childhood, the restaurants that are so in-character that you forget that you’re not in a Disney movie or in the Wild, Wild, West. I could go on and on and on…


But mix this magical formula with Paris, and something’s just a little off.

Don’t get me wrong..I had an AMAZING time, but would I recommend going to someone who has been to other Disneyland or Disney World parks? Probably not.

How can I explain it? It’s like walking into a beautiful magical land and realizing that everyone who lives in this land is miserable for no reason – and those two just don’t add up. On top of this, everyone just seems a little too tense when standing in line. It’s as if everyone’s waiting for one little chance to just skip the line right in front of you. Whyyy just whyyy? You’re in the happiest place on earth! Just be nice for once!


But I’m not gonna lie, I had the time of my life on some of these rides. Who doesn’t love Space Mountain (ok I was scared out of my mind before getting on it, but it was awesome)? Go with the right people and ignore the negative peeps, and you’re all good.


OH and don’t miss the light show at the Disney castle! I’d recommend getting a good spot an hour or at least half an hour in advance (especially if you’re short like me!). Check some pictures out!



All in all, a nice experience when you’re going with the right people. Awesome rides (with long waits, but that’s the norm!), fun gift shops, and cool restaurants. Just expect a little culture shock from the Parisian way of doing things (I mean imagine Disneyland NYC…it wouldn’t be as magical, or would it?).


Γ€ la prochaine, mes amis!