No Time to Waste

No Time to Waste.

There’s not enough time on this earth to waste it on conforming to society’s “norms.”

I once heard that “what others say and think of you is none of your business.”

This is one of the quotes that has recently changed my perspective on life.

Why is it that so much that we do is based on what society thinks we should do or how we should be?

Why do we have to follow this predetermined path in life that is based on society’s expectations of how life should be?

Why don’t we ever question why we call life LIFE if we’re not really living?


Something hit me recently, and I noticed that if I decide to conform to society and I get a 9-5 job that doesn’t make me want to wake up and jump out of bed because I’m so passionate about what the company or organization does (hopefully my own, soon), I’m not living life the way I dreamt of it years ago and still do today.


Living to me means being positive, making yourself and others happy, helping others (in the smallest or biggest of ways), traveling and getting to know people from all walks of life, dancing, wearing whatever the heck you want, learning and inventing new things, exploring your own city, challenging yourself to be better inside and outside, and connecting with this marvelous world through other creative ways.


This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, but it’s some of the things that make me happy. And a lot of these are in progress, too. I’m hoping to be able to live the life I want without caring about what society expects of me (I mean, I can also be a good citizen of the world without having to spend 90% of my time in a place I don’t love – and I have the right to!).

And don’t get me wrong…I’m not “hating” on 9-5 jobs…I’m not talking about the 9-5 schedule, but about those jobs that you do but you hate. AND the fact that after you’re at this job all day, you go back home, make dinner, do your chores, and go sleep – dreading the next morning of course. What…where’s the fun and happiness in that? What part of your day is enjoyable in this scenario?

Remember…everything in this life is possible and we only have a certain amount of time on this earth. Why would you ever waste your precious time doing something that doesn’t fulfill you?


What makes you happy? What kind of life do YOU want to live? I’m interested to hear what you all have to say.

I just want to remind you all that we only live once (WOLO!) and ALL of us have the potential to do what we want with our own life. For some it may require a bit more time than for others, I mean, I’m still figuring it out! But remember…NO TIME TO WASTE.


À la prochaine, mes amis!